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the sHero project

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I've never told anyone this but.....

We want you to feel empowered to tell us your secrets, we want you to have a place to get something off your chest. Whether you're in love with your best friend or want the courage to quit your job or ate two tubs of ice cream last night and feel bad about it. We want you to be able to cleanse the soul. We'll use these confessions to inspire blogs, to spark conversation, to create art - not to mention on our instagram feed for SECRET SUNDAYS. You've told the world, so release and enjoy... we'll do the rest, and no-one need ever know where it came from.


Use the form below to tell us a secret and just pop anon in the name section and 'info@sheroproject.com' in the email address bit, so we need never know who you are. Then fire away with your confession.

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