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the sHero project

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the sHero project is not about exclusion. It’s about inclusion. Regardless of age, sex, gender, class – you will be asked to join the conversation. This is a project led by women, inclusive of all, because we are better together. Because we can all be Sheroes.

As a sHero....


I will be kind to myself and to others.


I believe in inclusive, over exclusive.


I know that bashing somebody else does not make me any better (the opposite actually).


I will compliment others. (especially in club toilets).


I will actively work on loving myself, and I will check myself when I speak to myself any differently to how I’d speak to my best friend.


I will not accept behaviour that makes me feel shitty about myself, I will walk away with my head held high.


I will believe in myself.


I will believe in people. Even on the bad days when I feel that I hate everyone, somewhere deep down, maybe even in my little toe, I will beleive in better.


I will strive to make a difference, in my own way, in my own time – even if I just change one persons day for the better.


I will stick up for the things and the people I beleive in.


I will not dumb or quieten myself down to please other people. I will enjoy my roar, and I will encourage others to roar with me.


I will embrace the things that make me different.


I will resist feeling any kind of shame about my body. It works hard for me and I will appreciate that.


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